Can Your Students Write?

Under what circumstances do education system employees with contractual rights to “strike” do so? Do they strike regarding poor environmental conditions, work tools, poor work versus break schedules, issues of pay and benefits, the manner in which management and peers behave in the work environment, regarding issues of productivity requirements, or other issues including combinations thereof?

Are they allowed to strike even when they have poor performance records that are allegedly not based upon lack of training and purportedly unrelated to tools available for job performance? So, do unionized education systems have the right to strike even though their customers, their charges, their students are performing poorly? Do they have the right to complain about work environment challenges when due to their pre-existing job records they could not get hired elsewhere, so accepted poor environments and challenging students for the opportunity to prove themselves? Do they have the right to complain about their own benefits, but not those of their students?

Hey, unionized educators, do you know that “ur stoodints dont rite so wel”? And, as such is true, should you get to strike? The students are not unionized, so who represents them? Surely, they will not be represented by the politician who is sending his/her kids to private schools while allowing you to strike. We wish better for your students, their success matters.


What do you think?

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